President of the Board of Directors, Luis Roberto Urquizo Martins: “SOS Children's Villages Bolivia is in a historic and transformational moment”.

Awareness of the situation of the country, the international context and new challenges were some of the most important issues discussed at the 2024 Ordinary General Assembly of SOS Children's Villages Bolivia, which was held on 27 June, according to the statutes and internal regulations of the organisation.

On the event, the President of the Board of Directors of SOS Children's Villages Bolivia, Mr. Luis Roberto Urquizo Martins, spoke about the circumstances of the country, and thanked the vast majority of partners who came to the event, highlighting the commitment to the organisation.

"We are in a historic moment of transformation in the international organisation," said Urquizo. He added that the organisation currently has the implicit challenge of providing advocacy services, and Family Strengthening and Alternative Care to contribute to solve the child care crisis in the country, a double responsibility that SOS Children's Villages Bolivia assumes.

The president also pointed out that the organisation in Bolivia has the challenge of generating local financial resources to achieve its programmatic objectives. He recognises a context of difficulties, but knows that the management of SOS Children's Villages Bolivia is adequate and will certainly be able to respond to the changes.

"We need more robust Assemblies, with more participation and this is a central issue, because it is from the Assembly that the instructions to the Board are generated, and it is from the Board that all this goes to the International Senate, which defines the organisational policies based on what the 136-member countries", he said referring to the scope of SOS Children's Villages.


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