Recognition for 22 years as President to Ana María Vargas de Granda

An important point of the Assembly was the recognition of Ana María Vargas de Granda for her 22 years of management and leadership as President of the National Board of Directors of SOS Children's Villages Bolivia.

"On this point, I would like to mention that Ana María continues to be part of the current Board of Directors, as 1st Vice-President. However, we give her this recognition because she was President of the Board for 22 years, making great contributions to the organisation and to Bolivian children. For this reason, we believe it is very important to thank and recognise her important contribution during this time," said the current President of the Board of Directors of SOS Children's Villages Bolivia, Luis Roberto Urquizo Martins, who also recalled that it was thanks to Ana María that he is part of the organisation.

In this regard, Alfonso Lupo, National Director of SOS Children's Villages Bolivia, highlighted that Ana María's work has been tireless for more than 34 years in the organisation. 

"She has been the axis of our progress for a long time. Bolivia is one of the countries that has had the most development in the region and I think we owe it to Ana María, who is a person who has always been with us when we needed her to represent us, but also to motivate people and give them perspective, in public events and in front of authorities", stressed the National Director.

Ana María's family was also in the event. Her older sister thanked for her sister's recognition and publicly congratulated her for all the work she has done in favour of Bolivian children.

When receiving the award, Ana María said that she felt that the recognition was for the whole team with whom she has worked.

"In the work of SOS Children's Villages I have become more human, more supportive, more understanding. Throughout these years, the gratification for me was to know that a mother is happy with her children, that they have got ahead. Those testimonies are the ones that have comforted me the most throughout all these years," she said.

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